I’ve worked with VSAV for a number of years now.  They are my go to organization when I have a Veteran with multiple issues and I don’t know where to start.  VSAV will take the Veteran and work with them until the problem is resolved.

VSAV has been working with my first referral for over 2 years now.  My last referral was helped in a matter of days.  These guys are great and I expect that I will be referring to them for a long time.

Carlos Urias III

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your hard work, the packet you put together for us it really made a difference, this and the time spent helping us find affordable housing, extremely helped us to find and get into our apartment. Thank you all for everything you all have done.

(with keys to new home)

Above and Beyond

VSAV went above and beyond for a Veteran that was in dire need of assistance. Our client was in a position without a home, with minimal funds, and minimal support within his community.

In this time of need, VSAV responded, took the patient under their arms and assisted in finding him a place to call home in addition to  squaring away the Veteran’s financial stressors.

Even with the amount of time and work, for the last 7 months, VSAV continues to update our team to let us know how the Veteran is doing. VSAV don’t just become your friend, they become family.

Roselyn Leng-Wooten, BS
Military & Marketing Case Manager
Cedar Springs Hospital