Veterans Squaring Away Veterans

VSAV’s mission is to help Veterans and their families transition smoothly from active duty to civilian life.   With the current force reductions it became clear to VSAV’s founders that the current resources available were not sufficient to get the job done.


VSAV works with any veteran and their family, anytime.

VSAV has a staff of Peer Advisors (former military personnel) who are trained to help you and your families get settled in areas such as:

Education/Vocational training, Personal Finances, Relocation Services, Healthcare and PTS

 VSAV is built to serve as the Veteran/Family’s advocate.  We stay engaged in the actions and activities we initiate to ensure you are getting the results you intend to achieve.


To become a VSAV client, you can contact us via the web, email or phone. There is a short introductory survey that will assist us in connecting you with the correct Peer Advisor who will contact you directly to begin the process. Our only requirement is that you present a copy of your DD214 form so we know you have served our country.



VSAV takes HIPPA and privacy matters very seriously. We preserve all our client data in a secure manner that complies with Federal and State and local  regulations.   We will not discuss your data with others unless you ask us to.

Probably not. VSAV has a network of pre-screened and approved professionals (mostly veterans) that are interested in serving those who have served.  We believe that our Veterans and their families deserve quality assistance that drives to results.  VSAV’s Peer Advisors remain your advocate to ensure things are moving forward correctly and that you are satisfied with the results.

Yes, VSAV believes in building lasting personal relationships that get you the results you are looking for.  Please contact us and we will assign you to a Peer Advisor.

Each case is different and getting results depends on you particular needs and the related actions.  The motto of VSAV is that we ‘never let go’!   We intend to be your advocate for life.